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Big Berkey Water Filters, Simply the Best!

I became very concerned with the quality of the local tap water in my area, as it was very foul smelling and left hard water stains on everything it touched! I could only guess what it was doing to my insides and what was swimming in that glass of water I was drinking… After all, we already know about all the fluoride in it!

I started looking at alternatives to tap water sometime in 2013, and discovered Berkey Water Filters. I studied up on them, read their reviews, and saw all of the potential harmful solids and liquids that they filter out of the water, and I got excited! In fact, it filters so well that you can literally pour in dirty pond water into the filter and perfectly clear and clean drinking water will come out the bottom! The filters that come with your Berkey Water Filter can effectively clean about 7,200 gallons of water or so before replacement filters are needed!

I ordered my filter and it was delivered very promptly and courteously by the company! After following the instructions on how to properly attach the filters and start filling with water, I eagerly awaited my first glass of fresh, clean water!

It was literally amazing, from the first day of using it I noticed a difference right away! I had suffered from possible kidney stone symptoms from time to time, and that was probably due to all the hard water I had ingested over the years… Almost immediately, those symptoms disappeared like I had never suffered from them! I am positive that it was because of the incredible tasting and filtered water I was now drinking, and I have the Berkey Water Filter to thank!

This is a very honest review and product testimonial, and I would urge everyone to get one of these filters to see for yourself just how great they are! They are very sturdy and will most likely last you for 20 – 30 years or more if properly cared for, and all you need to do is clean them once a month and replace the filters when required. Berkey Water Filters, you’ll be excited when you taste your first glass of fresh and clean water! You will notice a difference right away!

Big Berkey Water Filters are my top recommendation for a high quality filter. They have been around for many years, and are rated for maximum filtration levels. Berkey Water Filters…